Things No One Says About Parenting Special Needs Kids

The day that you give birth, they hand you this beautiful (ok, in my case not-so-beautiful) bundle of joy and a few days later, send you merrily on your way, they never tell you that this little creature might not grow up to be such a joy. You see it maybe, from day one, maybe a few days later or maybe months or years down the road, that this critter is different from the rest of the flock. Yeah, they tell you not to compare one child to another; every kid is different. “They”….they need to check their advice at the door because it all goes out the window when one of the flock isn’t falling in line as the rest do. You sit there on many a sleepless night reading books like “Go the Fuck Continue reading

Oven Beef Stew

After a long day of work at Bethlehem Steel, my Poppop would come home to an already delicious smelling house, give the simmering beef stew a quick stir and declare that “his” beef stew was finished.

Your beef stew Poppop? Really? Gramma and I worked hard on that this afternoon, and….oh never mind. It was his thing, and our entire family knew it. It’s one of those memories that I hold fondly near and dear to my heart. I don’t know why. Maybe it was just the way he said it, or maybe it was Continue reading

I’m sorry, did you say Poplonick?

Do a Google search for “Poplonick”, go ahead, I’ll wait…..not much comes up does it? Yeah, me either! I’m not sure that this delicious goodness is actually called Poplonick in the real world, but that’s what I grew up calling it, and what generations before us called it. I think it’s Slovak, so that could be the problem. In any case, this was an Easter treat (similar to an Continue reading

Nuts for my Gramma’s Nut Roll

Let’s face it…every family has its nuts in it right? Holidays seem to bring out all the quirky aunts and gruff but lovable uncles, distant cousins, doting grandparents and overbearing mothers and in-laws. But they also tend to make people want to come together, dust off the ol’ family traditions (and decorations from the 1980’s), and celebrate being a family. If your’s is anything like mine was growing up, a lot of our traditions revolved around Continue reading

What makes Funny Cake so funny?

Long thought to be a tight lipped Amish secret by most of us “English” folk, Funny Cake is one of those things I practically lived on when I was growing up. I never knew it to be something unusual, or that people wondered longingly how it was made, certain they could only enjoy its awesomeness after a trip to the Amish farmers market stand. That is, until I moved to Southeastern PA. It still amazes me, even after nearly Continue reading