The Many Personalities of a Tweenage Girl


I have two children, one is a bipolar seven year-old boy and the other is a tween. The craziest kind of tween. Its….a GIRL, and she’s about to turn 12 in a few weeks! My goal on any given day is to survive the day without any major bloodshed. Sometimes we get through the day unscathed and other days…well, I’ve said it before. I refer to my children’s interaction with each other as a nuclear warhead and a hellfire missile tried to make babies and failed miserably. It’s kinda awesome, and by awesome I mean OMG when can I take that looonnnnnng trip to Siberia?

So, lets examine these personalities that keep me on my toes and amuse the freaking hell out of me. Amusing you may think? Yes…it was not that long ago that I was about to chase darling tween up the stairs yelling at her on her way up to her room for some snarky comment she made, however, she sounded so much like me, I burst out laughing and it was all soon forgotten, exactly what we were fighting about to begin with.

1. The bestie, girlfriend, BFF. This is the girl that I absolutely love to hang out with, chat with, bear my soul to, or at least introduce her to the wonders of Starbucks while she hides all the salacious details of her 6th grade day. I am however, privy to what girl wears too much makeup and who was annoying her in Science class. The good stuff, I suspect is reserved for the actual BFF’s. She doesn’t do mani-pedi’s, no, my little guy does that with me, but I’ll take some girl time whenever I can get it, which usually isn’t often.

2. The know-it-all, eye roller. “Mom, ugh…you don’t know ANYTHING” followed by the eye roll, you know what I’m talking about! Don’t try to reason with this critter, it’s beyond hope!

3. The tween-going-on-two year-old. Seriously child, you’re almost 12 years old, chin up! This version of the tween personality is also known as the drama queen and it’s possibly the most frustrating of all the lovely personalities the tween girl possesses. She can be so mature sometimes (see the next personality) yet in little more than a few fleeting seconds, she can be crying hysterically about something or other that isn’t going right, a math problem that’s got her riled, her hair not doing what she wants it to. It’s very reminiscent of the terrible twos! Don’t even get me started on her taking medicine.

4. The über-mature miss independent. There are days that I stare in awe at this creature that can lose it over something as simple as me not buying the right toothpaste. I am reminded of our time in NYC just a few weeks ago when she was dancing with the Rockettes – yes, the Rockettes. She was poised, focused, and determined to get it right. Traveling the streets of New York mere days before Christmas, she carried herself confidently and we had a great time. She also helps me with my small in-home childcare after school and during the summers; she’s great with the kids and I’m proud to say I can really trust her.

5. The sulker. Boy can this girl pull out a pout when she needs to, or wants to, or really any time the mood hits her. This personality is super hard to read. If I leave her alone, she wants attention. If I give her attention, she wants to be left alone. There’s really a no-win here for anyone, and she sulks about the silliest things sometimes. Ahhhhh tween angst.

6. The great creator. This girl is nothing if not creative beyond all possible belief. I’d like to think she got that from me (pats self on back for not screwing her up entirely). She’s totally into making, doing, painting, glossing, glazing, glueing, molding. mod-podgeing, beading and duct taping anything that crosses her path. Kudos to her, I enjoy throwing myself into the very same things. Maybe she can be a bit more lucrative with it than I’ve been.

7. The book nerd. Yep, she’s got shove-me-in-a-locker written all over her some days. The girl can tackle math like it’s no one’s business! (a trait she definitely did NOT get from me). She’ rocks the whole geek thing though and still fits in with just about every crowd at school! Amazing!

8. The love bug. I can’t say enough, just how much I love the moments she curls up on the couch or in bed with me and we just hang out, snuggled and happy. It’s moments like these that remind me that all the hard work is absolutely worth it!

9. The Entrepreneur. I love her ambition. I myself am involved with doTerra Essential Oils and she is quickly following in my footsteps – slightly disappointed by the fact that she can’t actually become a wellness advocate until she’s 18. But looking back further, she’s always wanted to have a yardsale or a lemonade stand, peddle her snow shoveling abilities door to door during a snowstorm, open an etsy store, write a blog of her own and the list goes on. This girl is going places!

All in all, these tween years are most definitely testing my patience, perseverance and quite frankly, my sanity. Some days I wonder how we’ll make it through – I mean heck, boys haven’t even come into the picture yet! Other days, I sit back and wonder at the marvel that is this girl coming into her own. Her many personalities may drive me nuts and make my head whip around fast enough to give me some serious motion sickness with how fast they can flip, but I’d say, they’re fun years all in all. I’m excited to see what this unique creature is going to be when she’s done morphing.

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