What makes Funny Cake so funny?

Long thought to be a tight lipped Amish secret by most of us “English” folk, Funny Cake is one of those things I practically lived on when I was growing up. I never knew it to be something unusual, or that people wondered longingly how it was made, certain they could only enjoy its awesomeness after a trip to the Amish farmers market stand. That is, until I moved to Southeastern PA. It still amazes me, even after nearly fifteen years of being here, that some of the things I grew up with are simply not so well-known to the outside world. Apparently NEPA or Northeastern PA is a world unto it’s own?

Living inside a bubble much?

Anywhoooo, as I sit with my foot up on a hassock (yes, that’s an actual word people!!) I stare at my Gramma’s old recipe box and I find myself brought back to all sorts of fond childhood memories of hours, or even days of baking with Gramma. Funny Cake was one of those things that we just has around the house, probably once a month or so. Technically, if you were to eat it as the Amish do, it’s a breakfast cake, but I personally find that there is just no wrong time for it! Why limit it’s deliciousness to only breakfast?

Funny Cake Recipe

So why is it called Funny Cake you may ask? Well, it does this funny little thing that I presume can only be explained by higher math, physics, Einstein level science and a little bit of alien technology. See that white part? It starts off on the bottom, and the dark part starts out on the top. Weird huh? Molecular weight probably. Totally cool…ABSOLUTELY! And though I was never able to catch this scrumptious dessert in the act of working it’s magic and switching places as a kid, (ok and not as an adult either), the end product is positively heavenly; breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, midnight snack, 2am snack and any time in-between!

Seriously, try it!

One thought on “What makes Funny Cake so funny?

  1. YES! I grew up in Lehigh Co., with Mom’s family having lived there forever! I have never met ANYONE away from home who knows what Funny Cake is. YUM!!! Breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Love it! Thanks!

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