Nuts for my Gramma’s Nut Roll

Let’s face it…every family has its nuts in it right? Holidays seem to bring out all the quirky aunts and gruff but lovable uncles, distant cousins, doting grandparents and overbearing mothers and in-laws. But they also tend to make people want to come together, dust off the ol’ family traditions (and decorations from the 1980’s), and celebrate being a family. If your’s is anything like mine was growing up, a lot of our traditions revolved around who was bringing the family dish that they had mastered.

Christmas just was not Christmas without certain things. For instance, I always knew there would be breaded chicken strips and perfectly cooked buttery rice from Gramma, butter cookies with those dot-ball-sprinkle-thingys from an aunt, Kielbasa, Kiffles, stuffing into my grandparents modest yet comfortable house and (not-so) last, but certainly not least, a fresh Nut Roll, usually prepared by me and Gramma.

One of my fondest memories growing up, is learning all the intricacies and nuances to the old fashioned, hand-me-down recipes that dated back sometimes a few years, sometimes a few generations! Nut roll was one of those recipes; I don’t ever remember it not making a yearly appearance at the table.

Nut RollRecipe

Now that my Gramma has passed, and I’ve acquired her recipe box, I plan on, not only honoring her here, but picking up where she left off a few years back as her hands became too arthritic to make the things she used to! My family will know and continue to enjoy the things I did as a child.

5 thoughts on “Nuts for my Gramma’s Nut Roll

  1. Hi I’m Sharon visiting from How To Get Organized At Home and I wanted to say thank you for stopping by and sharing your post. I have never tried this recipe before but I am going to give it a go thank you for sharing.

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