15 Creative Gifts in Jars

I am all about making this a DIY kind of holiday season. I’m just feeling it this year, and I’m tired of the hustle and bustle of big box stores full of impersonal and overpriced gifts. I don’t think how much you spend on someone is important, I know it my heart that it’s the thought behind your gift that counts! So without further adieu, here are 15 crafty gifts that you can easily do yourself and personalize for your favorite people in life!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.58.44 AM

1. We all need to bathe right? So why not do it will a little more pizzaz and style with these DIY Bath Fizzies. 


2. Got Girlfriends? Then throw an impromptu girls weekend with this Girls Weekend Gift in a Mason Jar.


3. I’m just going to throw it out there….who does NOT love Peppermint Hot Chocolate? And better still, it’s in a simply decorated, totally  giftable jar!


4. Ever since my best friend introduced me to homemade Salted Caramel in a Jar last year, I’ve been completely head over heels for it. It will definitely be on my gift giving list this year!


5. Before my husband was my husband, I gave him a terrarium in a jar and a fish bowl for his office. They’re a bunch of geeks who love their aerogardens and other random indoor gardening hobbies in their office, so this was a simple but thoughtful addition.


6. How about your friend that has one (or a few) little ones at home with them all day? If they’re anything like I was as a SAHM, they’re always looking for fun and easy things to do with the kids. This DIY Playdough Mix certainly doesn’t disappoint.


7. This isn’t your typical jar, but homemade bubble bath is a great surprise in a stocking or a basket under the tree. These are fun and frugal and you can make them in just about any scent that your heart desires!


8. For the popcorn lover in your life (aka, my 6 year old boy who could eat it all day every day) consider putting together one of these gourmet popcorn kits.


9. I got my first Pedi in a Jar last year from one of the families I babysit for and I can’t even begin to tell you what an awesome and thoughtful little gift it was! I still use my polishes and accessories! Love it!


10. I’m sure everyone has gotten or at least seen cookie mix in a jar. Some can get really boring but THESE recipes kick it up a notch and make getting cookie mix something to celebrate!


11. Put a little twist on the cookies in a jar and turn it into a whole Sundae Kit in a jar!! Or, maybe you can bake those cookies and add them for an even sweeter treat!


12. What about getting a little crafty and putting some Holiday Decor into a fancy jar? Or, maybe you can take a treasured memory from the past year and create a scrapbook memory of sorts that can be enjoyed all year long!


13. Take some time to share some Blessings with your loved ones with the Family Blessing Jar. It’s a frugal and meaningful way to teach your children gratitude for the things they have and the people in their lives.


14. Enjoy the “spirits” of the holidays this year with Flavored Vodkas in a jar.


15. And finally, nothing says crafty like more crafts! Check out this Sewing Kit in a Jar for that other crafty person in your life!

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