Easy DIY Lego Travel Desk

Nothing says fun like car travel with my kids. And by fun I mean I’d totally rather gauge my eardrums with screwdrivers and sedate myself with Ketamine until next week. Not that I don’t love them to death, I’d just rather do anything than spend more than 10 minutes in the car with them. I don’t know if it’s the fighting with each other, you know:

“Mom, he’s kicking my seat….OWWWW, MOMMMMMMM he just pulled my hair with his toes.”

“Nuh uhhhhh.”

“Mom, she’s looking at me, make her stop looking at me.”

“Are we going to be there soon?”

“Mom, you need to pull over…I have to PEEEEEEEE, NOW!”

Not only do we have Thanksgiving and Christmas travels coming up soon, but we were also blessed with a funeral this week. These kids definitely do NOT put the fun in funeral! I wager a guess that this is true of many children, but as the mama of one little guy with bipolar and another tween on the never-ending verge of a – whatever it is that tweens are melting down over these days – meltdown, it goes without say, that I have my hands VERY full.

But alas, I have developed this little beauty to help at least combat the vehicular induced boredom that inevitably sets in 37 and 1/2 seconds after we pull out of the driveway! Lets face it, as much as I praise the Lord for Netflix, eventually my data plan does run a bit low, and unlike minutes, it just doesn’t roll over, so I’m saving it for the actual services, rather than the hours of travel in between!

DIY Lego Desk

Simply glue a Lego Board to the top of a lap tray, add some Legos to the big side compartment and you will be absolutely GOLDEN!! Seriously, this is one DIY that can’t possibly get ANY easier! You may even have the components laying around your house right now. Add juice and a snack and hopefully it will carry you through many a road trip, no matter how long.

Take note AT&T…if you develop a plan with rollover data, you will be MUCH loved by this mama!

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