My Urban Homestead


Sadly, my homestead has no goats, chickens or cows, nor a 40×60 plot for a fully family sustaining garden, because it is governed by an HOA. I consider myself fortunate to have a good home, however, I can’t wait to get out of a community ruled by a Home Owners Association (HOA). In an economy and a society where people are moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle, you would think that HOA’s would lighten up a little and allow people to create beautiful (edible) gardens. I however, am defying our rulers and planting my garden anyway.

Now, technically I think we’re allowed to plant things, on our property, as long as such plants are not permanent. Most people get away with a little something here and there, because many of the back yards are out of view. Being the end unit and on a big curve, all of our property is quite visible, so we get away with much less. I’ve done container gardening for the past few years, and moved to a raised garden bed last year (thankfully without protest). This year, I pushed the envelope, and started to expand on my raised bed. I also added some bushes that are tiny now, but will fill out nicely, to hide the kids play equipment from street view (because, hey, we don’t want kids to have fun in an HOA either). We’ll see how it goes, but so far so good.

Ahhh yes, so my dream of one day owning a homestead with goats and chickens, tons of garden space, a DIY greenhouse and no nosy prying (dare I say tattle-tale) neighbors is still a few years off. For the time being, I’ll just have to be happy with some outlaw gardening, and hope that the old-timers with nothing better to do than report infractions to the HOA see my gardening as harmless and keep walking on by.


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