Seven Ways to Get Your Kids to Stop Fighting in the Car

If your kids are anything like mine are, they have mastered the art of tormenting each other to death in the car. Whether it’s a road trip to the grandparents house or a simple trip to the grocery store, kids can drive each other (and subsequently you) crazy in the car. So, short of leaving them on the side of the road somewhere, which we all know would land us in jail faster than you can say “but officer, seriously….you don’t understand”, what can you do to keep the kids happy, entertained and not Continue reading

Don’t Forget Mom This Sunday

Mothers DayThis Sunday May 11th is a special day for me this year. Not only is it my first anniversary, but it’s also Mothers Day. I haven’t always had the closes relationship with my own mother, but my mother in law has really fit into my life quite nicely. I’ve found, what I think, is the perfect gift for her, simply because, to the two of us, it will have sentimental value. I just sort of happened upon it by chance, but here are a few ideas for the moms in your life, if you’re still stuck on what to get her.

For The Tea Lover

I quite enjoy getting up in the morning, before the husband and the kids are up, and savoring that first, quiet sip of tea all by myself. It doesn’t last long, but still, if the mom in your life is into tea, this sampler from the Bigelow Tea Company just might do the trick.

For The Tech Mom

I myself am a die hard Apple fan, but I might be willing to consider alternative technology, especially considering what I might use it for. It’s more affordable, portable when you might not want a laptop and especially handy for having some “me time” with a cup of tea and wifi. Consider the HP Slate 10 inch with Beats Audio.

For the Crafty Mom

This cutter and rotary trimmer from Fiskars is the perfect little tool to help the mom who maybe likes to scrapbook or craft things with their kids.

So, what if you are the Do It Yourselfer? There’s always Pinterest. Don’t be scared of Pinterest, there’s a little something for everyone on there!

Last but not least, get mom some essential oils from doTERRA. There is still time to get them here by Mothers Day and I guarantee you, mom will appreciate some nice relaxing Lavender, or maybe the pick-me-up from Peppermint.