Question: What do these banana’s and eggs have in common?

photo 2

Answer: They team up to make the most delicious, delectable, fun, light, fluffy, etc etc etc….paleo-pancakes EVER!


It really doesn’t get any more simple than this one folks!! The only ingredients in these pancakes are two eggs and a banana. Blend them in a blender or a food processor and cook them just like regular pancakes. Seriously, that’s it! They turn out fluffy and delicate, with no taste of eggs whatsoever, they taste like bananas. These pancakes are so super delicious you won’t even need to put syrup on them. This would be a fantastic way to get some good stuff into your kiddos! If you want to get creative you could try blending in other things like berries, nuts or even chocolate chips for a sweet treat!

One word of warning about these pancakes – keep them on the smaller side when you make them. Part of their beauty is their delicate nature, but if you make them too big, they tend to rip.

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