Day 7 – Grapefruit

Oh where to start with this versatile and amazing essential oil. Like so many of our other oils, it has many antiseptic and antidepressant properties. It is also another citrus oil cold pressed from the peel and grown right here in the United States.

Just smelling grapefruit alone is uplifting to me, as it is a wonderfully fresh and light, summery if you will, clean scent. So clean in fact, you can use it in your cleaning to disinfect surfaces such as cutting boards and countertops. Mix a few drops in water and use it as a spritz for your linens, or on meat before refrigerating it in order to kill bacteria and viruses. As it is beneficial to the lymphatic system, grapefruit can be massaged directly onto the lymph nodes at the onset of a cold for flu to aid in cleansing and detoxifying. Diffusing grapefruit is also another great way to kill pathogens and help support your entire immune system.

If it is weight loss that you are interested in, simply inhale the scent deeply 3-5 times before your meals to decrease your appetite. I knew there was a reason that my grandfather ate a grapefruit nearly every morning for as long as I could remember. Of course, with my grandmothers delicious combination of Slovak and Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, none of our waistlines EVER stood a chance!


Much like lemon essential oil, grapefruit essential oil may have photosensitive properties and you should use caution when exposing grapefruit-food-4178377-1280-1024yourself to UV rays after direct application. The recommendation is to wait about 6 hours, and of course the heavier the usage, the longer you should wait. These symptoms may not manifest with everyone, but it’s best to mention it just to be safe!

My friend Dana over at Bloom Doula has a great recipe for facial cleanser using the Purify blend, but I suspect that grapefruit would also be a great oil to use too! I’m going to whip up a batch and see how my darling tween daughter’s face takes to it. The unnamed brand of facial cleansing pads I got her before I got into doTERRA oils was way too harsh and she ended up breaking out worse than without them!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Grapefruit

  1. Kelly, I love your blog! It’s so clean and easy to read. You have a great start to giving your readers “rich content” and make them wanting more!!!

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