Day 1 – Lavender

Let’s talk lavender. Lavender is one of doTERRA’s best selling oils, and personally, it’s my favorite scent on the face of the planet. Yes, dare I say, lavender, to me, trumps even the likes of chocolate chip cookies or a warm summer rain. But lavender doesn’t just smell good, it also has tons of uses! More on that in just a minute.

First let’s look at the history of Lavender. Lavender has been around since the ancient times and was used for medicinal purposes, as a perfume and the Romans used it in their bath waters. Rumor has it that Cleopatra even used it to seduce Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony. (Don’t ask me to provide a factual reference for that, like I said, it’s a rumor). Lavender has been used on castle floors as a disinfectant, and by the Greeks for constipation and throat infections. In London, during the plague, people would wear bunches of lavender around theirs wrists to ward off the Black Death.

In these modern times, we have very little to worry about (at least in the developed world) with regards to the plague, but lavender still has many uses, more than I could list here, but how about we cover a few of the more popular ones?

By now, you probably already know that lavender helps tremendously with sleep and relaxation. Ever notice how many pillow & room sprays, calming lotions and the like all contain lavender? There’s a good reason for that. According to a study done by the University of Maryland Medical Center, aromatherapy with lavender may “slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation and lift the mood in people suffering from sleep disorders”. (Steven D Erlich, “Lavender”, 2011) To get the effect you’re looking for, simply apply a few drops of doTERRA Lavender to the soles of your feet at bedtime, and maybe set up a diffuser like this one in your bedroom and enjoy the scent of lavender as you drift off to a peaceful and restful sleep.

So what else can you do with lavender? You can apply a combination of lavender and peppermint to your temples to help relieve stress, or a few drops to your lips to help with chapped lips. Is an itchy bug bite driving you crazy? You guessed it, a drop or two of lavender to the site can help take the itch and sting out of insect bites. How about your laundry? A few drops of lavender on some felted yarn balls in the dryer make ahhhMAYYYzing scented dryer balls. Got kids? Soothe sunburn or earaches with a few drops of lavender oil on the skin. Warm and mix with olive oils and massage around the ears to help with the pain of an ear infection. At this point, it might be easier to list what you can’t do with lavender oil.

I invite you to purchase doTERRA oils here with me. Of course you can always contact me about saving 25% on all of your orders. Would you like to join my team? I’d LOVE to have you!


Lavender. (n.d.). University of Maryland Medical Center. Retrieved March 31, 2014, from


I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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