Day 30 – Balance

Balance blend from doTERRA is a mix of Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Ho Wood and Spruce and is the blend I am diffusing today. It was a bit of a crazy night last night. I had a naked guy, high on, we think PCP, break into our house, run around the basement and tried to get upstairs in to the living room while myself and the kids were home. Thankfully there’s a lock on that door too. But, after that…I’m just in the mood for a little balance today! And bonus, we’re getting a dog in a few weeks. I’m thinking Continue reading

Day 29 – Elevation

As far as oils go, this one is also next on my list to become a part of my collection, and boy do I feel like I need it already this week. I started reducing my little man’s ADHD meds that he’s been having some weird side effects with, and trying some oils on him. Day one was rough, and day two isn’t looking much better. But I digress…. Continue reading